Heroic Characteristics in The Princess Bride

-The princess bride is a story about A Princess named Buttercup who falls madly in love with a farm boy, Westley. When Westley goes to America to seekhis fortune, he is soon is reported to have been murdered. Buttercup is heart broken and promises herself that she will never love anyone, ever again. Westley is very heroic in many ways. For one, he is very brave. When he finds out that the Count and three soldiers are dead, he thinks that he is going to die also. Even though he thinks this, he is still very brave and tries to hold himself together. The following passage from the book took place right after him thinking that he was going to be killed:
"Westley closed his eyes. There was pain coming and he had to be ready for it. He had to prepare his brain, he had to get his mind controlled and safe from their efforts, so that they could not break him. He would not let them break him. He would hold together against anything and all."
I also believe that in this book there is more than one hero. I think that Buttercup is also a hero because she cares so much about Westley. To be a hero you have to care about others. Buttercup caring so much about Westley is a symbol of her love for him. This passage shows that she does care a lot about Westley:
"All she ever talked about was Westley. All she ever asked about was new of Westley. Days went by, weeks went by, party after party went by, and all Florin was moved by the spectacle of their great hunting Prince at last so clearly and wonderfully in love, but when they were alone, all she ever said was, 'I wonder where could Westley be? What could be taking him so long? How can I live until he comes?'"
Another characteristic that makes Westley a hero is that he is very smart. At one part in the book he tricks someone into drinking a poisoned drink. Both of the cups were poisoned, but he spent months to become immune to the poison. Westley is also very loving:
"'It appears to me as if were doomed, then.' Buttercup said.Westley looked at her. 'Doomed madam?''To be together. Until one of us dies.''I've done that already, and I haven't the slightest intention of ever doing it again,' Westley said.Buttercup looked at him. 'Don't we sort of have to sometime?' 'Not if we promise to outlive each other, and I make that promise now.'" 
That shows that he cares about Buttercup and wants to live with her forever.